A passion for pedalling: Top 3 bike tracks in Two Rocks/Yanchep

Reef Life is all about getting out in the sunshine, breathing in the fresh coastal air and soaking up a refreshingly active lifestyle. Beach? Tick. Walking? Tick. But what about cycling? If you’ve got a passion for pedalling, the North-West Corridor has some great options.
For the lycra-clad road cyclists out there, the City of Wanneroo has built a network of shared paths, including recreational paths along the coast.
# 3 Cottesloe to Yanchep ride
A favourite of many local cyclists is the Cottesloe to Yanchep ride, which us locals can complete in reverse. Stretching over 150km (much of which can be enjoyed on new roads), the route treats cyclists to a spectacular return ride that takes you along the famous sunset coast.  
For those of us who prefer to hit the dusty trail, this is where Yanchep/Two Rocks really shines.
#2 The Ghost House Walk Trail
The Ghost House Walk Trail takes you through the Yanchep National Park, showcasing its pristine wetlands and the historic remains of the ‘Ghost House’. The 9.2km long single track is mostly hard-packed brown dirt (rather than sand), making it ideal for those with mountain bikes. Yanchep National Park also features other fast, man-made limestone trails that you can explore. Park entry fees are $11 a day per car - we recommend cycling in if possible.
#1 Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail

The Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail is a 28km one-way trail that takes you on a (reverse) journey from Yanchep National Park south to Neil Hawkins Park, crossing diverse vegetation and scenery. The route was inspired by the trail that indigenous man ‘Yellagonga’ and his people travelled between Lake Joondalup and Yanchep.
For locals, you’ll start in Yanchep National Park, where the track rambles alongside Loch McNess - a traditional meeting, corroboree and ritual area for local Aborigines. You’ll pass a large grove of tuarts and Pipidinny Swamp as you cycle close to Wanneroo Road on route to Romeo Road. From there, experience 360-degree views (including the Indian Ocean) atop limestone ridges as you traverse coastal limestone heath, low banksia woodland, jarrah and sheoak in Neerabup National Park. The final stretch of the first leg sees you pass through paperbark, tuart, marri and parrot bush country on route to Lake Joondalup – an old Aboriginal camping and hunting ground.
Remember to respect the experience of walkers and joggers who use the track regularly during daylight hours. After dark however, you rarely see anyone other than mountain bike cyclists, making this a great evening track.
Our cycling future is on track.
WA is currently experiencing a rapid growth in mountain biking. And with a surging population in the northern suburbs, the demand for new coastal trails continues to rise.
Parks and Wildlife has been working closely with WestCycle, the WA Mountain Bike Association and the Department of Sport and Recreation to develop the recently released WA Mountain Bike Strategy. ‘Cycle Wanneroo’ was developed as a result, leading to a trails master plan that will help shape any future off-road cycling facilities.
Get out there and ride into the sunset!
Two Rocks/Yanchep already has some great bike trails out there for all levels, with the chance of more to come. Families can take on as much or as little as they want, while enthusiasts can pedal away many a weekend racking up the kilometres traversing some spectacular scenery.

See you on the trails!


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