This is your moment in the sun - take it

If you haven’t done a little fist pump to yourself by now, feel free. Why? Because the recovery phase is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
You’ve ridden out the slump and can now ride a wave of opportunity! Did you notice the key takeout?

This is a prime buyer’s market, your window of opportunity to strike before the cycle resets itself in favour of sellers (the future you).

Land yourself a new home with the lot!

Just like a typical morning at the Two Rocks Marina, conditions are perfect to buy your dream coastal lot at The Reef’s established estate with a friendly community.

  • Unbelievably low priced coastal lots (starting from $119,500)
  • Lots with ocean views from just $160,000
  • H&L packages from just $275,100
  • Save an additional $15,000 off titled lots
  • Home loan interest rates are now at record lows
  • Required home loan deposits are very low
  • The trend towards new home investing is strengthening
  • The Keystart thresholds have been relaxed. 

The Reef Two Rocks House & Land packages – NOW SELLING!

Building new has never been easier (or savvier). Check out these two fantastic H&L offers NOW SELLING at The Reef.

Click here to view all of our current H&L packages.

NOW’s the time to dive into The Reef Two Rocks...

Excited? You should be! Check out what the industry is saying as part of the Now is the Best Time to Build campaign. 
To view The Reef’s current land for sale click here, call Dane at the sales office, or register your interest here for more information on The Reef.


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